Toxic Mold Illness

Let’s start where we left off in part one. If you have not read part one, My Toxic Mold Illness Journey- Part One, you can find the blog post here.

After a year of suffering, I am finally getting answers. I now know I have Lyme Disease, Toxic Mold Illness, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) SIBO, and EBV. All VERY bad and together working as besties to take me down. Below I will explain the protocol used specifically for getting the mold out of my body. This was priority number one before addressing the Lyme.



Before I go any further, I am not a doctor or expert on toxic mold. I am only sharing MY story and what worked for me in hopes someone else struggling can keep fighting, know what to be asking, and how to help yourself. Through years of research, I have learned no one has the same experience and everyone can have different symptoms. It becomes more confusing when so many of the symptoms overlap with other chronic illnesses. Which in turn leads to a very high percentage of mold illness being overlooked and a misdiagnosis.

Determining The Location Of My Problem

As mentioned in part one, I knew the source of the mold was coming from my place of employment, Specifically the office I sat in for years. So once we knew what I was dealing with, I had to remove myself from the building all together, and began working from home. I could not bring anything home with me as it could cause cross-contamination.

Luckily I had an amazing employer who not only allowed me to work from home, but also took care of all my medical expenses that first year.

Detoxing From Toxic Mold Illness

What I share below is what worked for me and everyone’s body will handle even supplements differently. I thought it would be helpful to share to shed some light on what it takes to start feeling better.

Supplements and Medications

Before my body could begin releasing the mycotoxins, I needed to start modulating my immune system, get my microbiome (gut) cleaned up and open my detox pathways. My LLMD started me a heavy compounded binder called cholestyramine. It was VERY hard to take. But after slowly making my way up in dosing, it became more tolerable. Other prescribed medications included Malarone and Zithromax.

Diet Changes

My LLMD suggested I try the Swiss Interest Group Histamine Diet. I will say this one was very bland and hard to follow. I found more success following the SOS free way of eating for a few months and focusing more on a Mediterranean diet. But everyone is different. I would suggest trying to eat clean, anti-inflammatory foods if nothing else. Sugars and oils will only feed the enemy!

Detox Tasks

Epson salt baths, five days a week for at least 15 minutes. This along with Infrared Sauna Sessions or Biomat sessions.


I will start by saying, most of us with severe mold illness do not want to get out of bed let alone exercise. Things as little as stretching 20-40 minutes a day is HUGE in helping our bodies. And walking was another good one for me, as long as there was no incline. Otherwise, I would be out of breath and back on the couch.


I know a lot of people do not believe in the power of meditation, but our minds and bodies are so stressed even when we are not dealing with illness. When our body is weighed down by toxins and illness, the importance of peace and grounding is critical.

There are so many great Apps these days that offer free or very affordable guided meditation. I even use the HATCH ALARM CLOCK to keep me grounded in the evenings, and allows me to wake up peacefully in the mornings.

Environmental Changes

Even though my home did not make me sick, I have had to live with VERY clean air. We have 6 air purifiers around our home. Keeping the air clean is necessary to help reduce airborne illness, reduce allergies, improve sleep and so many more positive benefits.?

When you have a mold illness, certain air purifiers can capture mold spores and mycotoxins in the air, along with additional air pollutants that are a danger to our health. Be sure to look for a filter with a mesh HEPA filter, one that specifically helps with mold and mycotoxins in the air. PECO technology is another great feature in an air purifier. Finally, be sure you get one that will cover the square footage in the room you are using it.

Below are the two air purifiers I have been using in my home over the past 6 years. The Molekule Air Purifier and the Alen Air 75i. I find them both to be equally effective.

Continued Symptoms During Treatment

While I found some relief during treatment, I still continued to face more challenges. Two of the biggest was worsening neurological struggles and dozens of cysts forming on my ovaries and fallopian tubes. They would get so large and painful, I found myself in the hospital several time for them. Ultimately, ending up getting a hysterectomy in July of 2021.

November of 2020, I was sent for an MRI where we discovered some swelling on my brain and atrophy in certain areas of my brain. Since this is not a post on my Lyme Disease I will not get too deep into this. But I have been officially diagnosed with Neurological Lyme Disease. There is no doubt all my years in a moldy environment added to the damage caused and is something I still struggle with today.

I am working with an amazing neurologist at Duke University and continue to have regular follow ups to stay ahead of any changes.

How I Feel Today

Overall, I am feeling GOOD. As I write this blog post in January 2024 I am about to have a new MRI and two visits scheduled with neurologists on the calendar. I have been off ALL prescribed medications since November of 2022. And continue to maintain my body with supplementation, sauna sessions and mindfulness.

You too can heal from mold illness. It is not easy by any means, and you could have lasting effects from it like I do. But once you know how to manage those symptoms when they occur, it becomes easier.

Keep fighting for answers and stay positive!

Let me know if there is any way I can help you start getting the answers you deserve.