About Me!

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I share my journey and insights into clean living. My name is Jennifer; I am the human behind Lyme and Lavender! I am thrilled to have you here.

In 2019, I received a life-changing diagnosis of Lyme disease. Faced with this diagnosis and all of its challenges, I embarked on a transformative journey towards clean living. Determined to take charge of my health and well-being, I dove into research, experimented with various lifestyle changes, and discovered the profound impact of embracing a clean living approach.

Through my blog, I aim to inspire and empower others on their own paths to wellness. Whether you’re navigating health challenges or simply seeking to optimize your lifestyle, I offer a wealth of knowledge, tips, and resources to support you every step of the way.

Clean living isn’t just about what we put into our bodies; it’s a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and environmental awareness. It’s about cultivating habits that nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits while minimizing our impact on the planet.

Here, you’ll find practical advice on transitioning to a cleaner, greener lifestyle, delicious and nutritious recipes, wellness tips, product recommendations, and more. From natural remedies to eco-friendly swaps, I strive to share actionable insights that foster positive change and enhance overall well-being.

Join me on this journey towards vitality, balance, and sustainability. Together, let’s embrace clean living and cultivate a healthier, happier life—one mindful choice at a time. Thank you for being a part of this community. Here’s to thriving, inside and out!